Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jasmyne Cannick whines more about 'racism'

My comment will probably be deleted.

Honestly, what is the big deal? They came out and notified all you Negroids before they decided to do this. You would have chimped out big time once you found out AFTER the movie came out. Now you're all going to accuse Ben Stiller to be racist and maybe toss Jack Black in the same group for starring in the movie?

Just face it. The civil rights era, where racism was allegedly rampant is over. Right now, you are nitpicking at the tiniest details to scream about some insane conspiracy by the White man to oppress the Negro.

Once you Negros realize if you start to build up your communities, take responsibility for your problems, stop acting silly with color fabrics on your head for Black Mythology month, and start snitching on your fellow Negro criminals, your communities will start to improve.

I mean, honestly, Bill Cosby is right. You should start listening to him a lot more.

North Florida 2008

This year, the citizens of Jacksonville will finally overthrow the Negroid criminal problem. For far too long, Nat Glover, the Negro sheriff of Jacksonville, coddled the Negro civil rights groups and the Negros sitting on the police shooting board, who whine at every police shooting instance.

Examples of what you can do to help:

-If you know of a Negro criminal, who is dealing drugs or has warrants, report him to North Florida Crime Stoppers.

- Educate your fellow citizens who are not racially aware about the situation in Jacksonville, in other cities, in our country and in our world. Once you open their mind, they will understand.

- Teach your children to reject Black history myths and that it is OK to see them in public, but perfectly OK for your children to group together to help a fellow student out in need who is being bullied by a Negro student. I witnessed a situation at a local middle school recently related to this point.

- Support groups like the ANSWP and be active as much as possible. Activism could be to talk to your racially aware friends to help spread the word, quietly spread fliers in the middle of the night in your neighborhood, or to join a group like the ANSWP to help the fight.

Together we will overthrow the Negro and eventually the Yankee.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Denise Lee

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Uppity Negro State Senator In More Trouble

Source: Local6.

State Senta-nigger Gary Siplin, who is a CONVICTED NIGGER FELON who used state employees to work on his campaign on state time and was charged with grand theft, allegedly refused to move his SUV from a parking spot at a football game by a deputy FIVE TIMES. The uppity NIGGER Gary Siplin then THREATENED the officer, who was just doing his job, with "having his job" and asked to talk to the deputy's supervisor when the NIGGER did not get his way for being an elected official.

You can really get a good understanding of Nigger Siplin by looking at the picture on the article. He's a clean cut Nigger who dresses up like typical Nigger by wearing wannabe pimp clothes or typical clothes you see on a Nigger walking out of Sunday church services.

Thank God an Orange County deputy, acting as a private citizen, outraged over this and filed a complaint with the Florida Ethics Commission for his behavior. Hopefully, the Nigger will be fined and forced to leave office, but I totally believe the NAACP will be running to his side by claiming this whole incident is over alleged "racism".

If this happens, I am more than ready to use all my resources and call in for help to get this Nigger out of office and to DESTROY THE ORANGE COUNTY NAACP BY EXPOSING THEM AS A CORRUPT ORGANIZATION WHO DEFENDS SAVAGE NIGGER BEHAVIOR. Not only is he a Nigger, he is a corrupt Nigger with no regard for a deputy simply doing his job. Just because some fellow Niggers elected you into office does not excuse you to be above the law.


Story about Nigger Siplin jumping over a fence to a waiting car to hide from reporters after he was charged with the previous crimes of grand theft and using state employees on state time to run his personal campaign.

Nigger is as Nigger does, plain and simple. This just shows how this Nigger truly acts and thinks. Does anyone else know of a story of an elected official going through this much trouble to avoid reporters? Normally, a SANE person would take the opportunity to tell reporters his side of the story, but a guilty person would normally toss a jacket over their head to avoid camera men, but this Nigger decided to scale a fence to avoid reporters. LOL YOU DUMB NIGGER.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Jackie Brown is Dead. HOORAY.

Source: News4Jax.

Jackie Brown, an uppity Negress, used her spare time to rile up the lolocal Negros claiming they're not receiving equal treatment and opportunities. She dressed up like Aunt Jemima, attended the Duval County City Council Meeting, and was subsequently EJECTED and BANNED from the meetings. She PUSHED a police officer trying to eject her from the meeting and was NOT ARRESTED.

I would so love to disrupt her funeral to cause a very epic chimp out.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Jury Acquits Man Who Shot 3 Beaners


Justice served and thank God for our "self-defense" law in our state. Hopefully it'll take more trash like this off the streets because it ultimately gives the citizens the power to legally EXECUTE savage non-White career criminals. These two dead beaners and the one who got wounded will NEVER pull a stunt like they did EVER again because they have learned the hard way to fear the White man.

Teens Rape Woman, Force Her Son To Have Sex With Her

Source: Local6.

I don't know too many Whites by the name of "Avion". This story made me absolutely fucking SICK to my stomach. A woman and her son minding their own business, then some savages come inside their house to brutalize her. Don't these savages have family? A mother? Would they want a female member of their family brutalized in this manner? Absolutely not.


If ANY of you TOUCH, HARASS, INTIMIDATE, or otherwise do ANYTHING to ANYONE I care about, you will be on the receiving end of the most BRUTAL PUNISHMENT that I can think of. I could take you out in the woods and put a bullet into your head like an animal. That's too easy. I might beat your feet with a hammer or baseball bat then force you to stand on your feet by suspending you by your wrists with a steel cord from the ceiling. You can either put enormous pressure on your wrists trying to support your weight on your wrists or handle your torture by standing on your bruised feet.